Zoom SWISS WASTE JACKET (unisex) – long, off-lavender
Zoom SWISS WASTE JACKET (unisex) – long, off-lavender
Zoom SWISS WASTE JACKET (unisex) – long, off-lavender
Zoom SWISS WASTE JACKET (unisex) – long, off-lavender
Zoom SWISS WASTE JACKET (unisex) – long, off-lavender

SWISS WASTE JACKET (unisex) – long, off-lavender

SFr. 790.00

The unisex SWISS WASTE JACKET from Round Rivers is a super warm oversized winter jacket, entirely made from Swiss waste*. All raw materials are sourced and converted within a production radius of only 140km. Your new winter jacket is CO2-positive.

The polyester fabric is made of 18 PET-bottles that we sourced ourselves from the Zurich river Limmat. Thereby, we clean the environment and generate our own raw material at the same time. 

The insulation layer is made of recycled down from unused duvets and pillows that we source in Switzerland. Of course, they are washed and sterilized. Recycled down have the same performance as new ones and guarantee highest wearing comfort - just without animal suffering.

LIMITED TO 200 PIECES. The reason for the limitation is that - we only sell as many outfits as we can produce from the PET-bottles we`ve collected. Each jacket is numbered consecutively.

*except of the jackets accessoires.

The oversized unisex jacket is available in 4 sizes.
Model is 175cm and wears size 2.


- shell: 100% upcycled polyester (made of 18 PET-bottles from the Zurich river)
- down: recycled Swiss down (fill power 800 cuin) 
- all raw materials sourced and produced within 140km
- produced sustainable, fair, ethic & mostly with family owned manufacturers
- CO2-positive footprint 
- manufactured in Switzerland & Northern Italy

Our unique production chain is 100% transparent – from the raw material to the finished product. Did you know it is common to start with production step no. 6? ROUND RIVERS starts with cleaning the environment.  

1. Sourcing PET-bottles from the river – Zurich, Switzerland (by ourselves)
2. Sorting by color – Zurich, Switzerland
3. Shredding into plastic flakes – Thurgau, Switzerland
4. Processing into yarn – Ticino, Switzerland
5. Knitting yarn into textile – Varese, Northern Italy (family business)
6. Tailoring – Varese, Northern Italy (family business)

Machine wash at 30 degrees / dry flat / iron at low temperature.

Tumble dry / dry clean.


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