It was a hot autumn day in 2018 when I noticed her for the first time. She was swimming past me at the river bath Letten in the middle of Zurich. It was strange to see her. Never before had I seen her so clear. I thought about her while enjoying the cool water. Did she come alone? I fantasized about what I could do with her. Finally, I went to where I thought she might be. And there she was: floating – and she was not alone. I look forward to the summer when I can finally take her back to where I got her. I knew she would have changed by then. She would no longer just be a plastic bottle but my swimwear instead.

We collect plastic from the Zurich river Limmat and turn it into upcycled swimwear. Every step of our production takes place within 140km. More than climate neutral – your new swimwear is CO2-positive!

Let's go full circle – together.

REIMAGINE SUSTAINABILITY. We call it "ACTIVE SUSTAINIBILITY". We become active ourselves! Cleaning the environment generates our own raw material. A new, holistic approach to sustainability.

TRANSPARENCY: 30.000km – how far the average recycled fabric "Made in Europe" travels through an intransparent supply chain. 140km – the radius of our whole production, while being 100% transparent.

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OUR PROMISE - we only sell the amount of outfits we can produce with the material we have collected.

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CO2-POSITIVITY. We are not just climate neutral — we have a CO2-POSITIVE FOOTPRINT! With every outfit sold we capture 5kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Our whole collection of 2020 doesn't produce any additional CO2, but actively reduces the CO2 in the atmosphere by 7.5 tons.